Another idea jammed it's way into my head while I was indulging myself in the mass effect 3 rebellion pack; where's the protheans? Sure, it would be a BIT difficult to fit them in while remaining faithful to the lore and everything but the lore and multiplayer compability thingy whatever doesn't make sense to me as is, so why should this idea be any different?

Plus, this would continue the trend of Mass Effect things starting with "RE"

Mass Effect: REvelation

Mass Effect: REdemption

Mass Effect 3: REsurgence Pack

Mass Effect 3: REbellion Pack


Mass Effect 3: REsurrection Pack

This would include: 3 New Characters, 2 New Maps, 3 New Weapons, 1 New Enemy Faction


Fire Base Tombstone

Location: Ilos

For 50,000 years, this planet lay still, no life, no activity. Now, you and your squad must safeguard the Conduit from being either discovered or destroyed.

Fire Base Red Sand

Location: Mars

You and your squad must act as a distraction to the Reapers so human civilians can have a chance at evacuating the Sol System.


Prothean Adept

Prothean Soldier

  • Power One: Poison Shot
  • Power Two: Stun Grenade
  • Power Three: Adrenaline Rush
  • Power Four: Prothean Avenger
  • Power Five: Fitness

Oravores Vanguard

  • Power One: Acid Armor
  • Power Two: Biotic Charge
  • Power Three: Dialanche: The bastard child of Nova and Shockwave; this biotic attack sends out three eezo waves.
  • Power Four: Savage Ancient
  • Power Five: Fitness

Oravores Sentinel

  • Power One: Acid Armor: Damages any enemies that melee you
  • Power Two: Warp
  • Power Three: Feral Roar: Causes nearby enemies to temporarily disengage you and your allies.
  • Power Four: Savage Ancient
  • Power Five:Fitness

Zha'Til Infiltrator

  • Power One: Disorient: Causes an enemy to engage its allies.
  • Power Two: Overclock: Temporarily boosts speed and damage output.
  • Power Three: Tactical Cloak
  • Power Four: Symbiotic AI
  • Power Five: Fitness

Zha'Til Engineer

  • Power One: Pilot Drone: Deploys a controllable combat drone
  • Power Two: Sentry Turret
  • Power Three: Overclock
  • Power Four: Symbiotic AI
  • Power Five:Fitness


Type-13 Arakit Imperialist

Named after Prothean Ruler and 12th Avatar of Dominance, Emperor Arakit IV. This sophisticated sniper rifle fires beams of ionized gases at 35% of the speed of light, ripping away at a target's molecular structure.

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