Just got done with the done with the Extended Cut and I gotta say it was pretty pathetic. Evidently Casey Hudson doesn't quite know what constitutes as "art" because I sure didn't the vision. Art involves being attentive to detail, and Mass Effect 3 had very little detail, need proof? Because here's what I've got:

-If you noticed in the Krogan War Assets, all of the assets except for Wrex, were pictures of Wreav holding a shotgun. Couldn't they at least have a picture of a Blood Pack Krogan for the Krogan mercenaries? This rustled my jimmies

-In the final battle, the only fleets that reported in were the Quarians or Geth, Joker named off the Alliance, Asari and Turians. What about the Salarian Fleets? The Batarian Fleet? The Volus Bombing Fleet and the dreadnought Kwunu? The Elcor Flotilla? The Hanar Ships? The Sword fleet battle wasn't even a full two minutes! You saw a few shots, a fighter shooting at an Oculus and the Normandy zipping by, real artistic value there Bioware...

-Squadmates... boy I felt like Bioware gave me the shaft when I saw the squadmates; The one squadmate in the first mass effect that I liked, wasn't available. I honestly don't see why people like Liara, Garrus or Tali so much... where's Jack, Samara, Zaeed, Legion? You spent more time talking to the Primarch then you did with Jack and that is a real jimmy rustler right there.

-The variety of enemies or lack there of was also disappointing, in Mass Effect 2 you got to fight the Blue Suns, Eclipse, Blood Pack, Geth, Batarian Extremists, Collectors, Mechs, Feral Hunters, a Yahg, a Human Reaper, Husks and wild animals! What did we fight in Mass Effect 3? Reapers, Cerberus and Geth... Is Bioware engaging in reproductive behavior with this one?

-The lack of missions was really what made this game so bland to me. Why not have Priority missions for Kahje, Irune, Dekunna, Khar'Shan, Elysium, Terra Nova, Omega, Vimire and so forth? Jimmy Rustling Index: 5700

So, please do share your opinion with a comment, I am hoping there are others who noticed these "Artistic Errors thingamagigs"

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