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  • Antares2

    I was playing through the Mass Effect Games and I just realized, Bioware may have secretly been taking some jabs at EA and foreshadowing how the series might end.

    Notice how the Normandy looks incomplete in Mass Effect 3, while it looks complete with a showroom finish in Mass Effect 2? They were refitting it to try and make it even better, but they never could finish before the rEApers invaded! This means if they had more time; well, you get the idea.

    In Mass Effect, when you enter Chora's Den with Wrex after dealing with Fist, he'll say "Fist had a good thing going here, too bad he got greedy." Replace "Fist" with EA and that just might of been a precursor of things to come.

    In Mass Effect 2, when on Garrus' recruitment mission; you have the…

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  • Antares2

    Artistic Vision?

    July 5, 2012 by Antares2

    Just got done with the done with the Extended Cut and I gotta say it was pretty pathetic. Evidently Casey Hudson doesn't quite know what constitutes as "art" because I sure didn't the vision. Art involves being attentive to detail, and Mass Effect 3 had very little detail, need proof? Because here's what I've got:

    -If you noticed in the Krogan War Assets, all of the assets except for Wrex, were pictures of Wreav holding a shotgun. Couldn't they at least have a picture of a Blood Pack Krogan for the Krogan mercenaries? This rustled my jimmies

    -In the final battle, the only fleets that reported in were the Quarians or Geth, Joker named off the Alliance, Asari and Turians. What about the Salarian Fleets? The Batarian Fleet? The Volus Bombing Fl…

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  • Antares2

    Multiplayer Heroics

    June 8, 2012 by Antares2

    Seeing how Mass Effect has been considered to be the Star Wars of this generation; why not draw on inspiration from old star wars games or at least the mechanics of them. What I had in mind is the hero characters from Battlefront 2, where after performing well, you are given the option to then play as Han Solo or Boba Fett. I figured the way to stick with the lore is to have a unique character for each map.

    • Firebase Jade: Mordin Solus
    • Firebase Giant: Urdnot Wrex
    • Firebase Hydra: Zaeed Massani
    • Firebase Condor: Garrus Vakarian
    • Firebase Dagger: Ashley Williams
    • Firebase Ghost: Kaidan Alenko
    • Firebase Glacier: Miranda Lawson
    • Firebase White: Jacob Taylor
    • Firebase Reactor: James Vega
    • Firebase Goddess: Samara
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  • Antares2

    DLC Missions (Idea)

    June 2, 2012 by Antares2

    Hey, back back with a couple ideas! These came into my head after playing LOTSB, why not have missions where you have old characters join your squad? I don't know about you, but I'm kinda tired of the attention jammed onto Liara, Garrus and Tali (Blasted Dextro-Amino/Pureblood Biased Bioware!). Here's what I got so far

    Squadmate: Aria T'Loak

    In this series of missions, Aria T'Loak will accompany you as a squadmate as you reclaim Omega. Cerberus has been using Omega as command center for their operations in the Terminus Systems, reclaiming it will not just cripple the Illusive Man, but give you a tactical advantage in the Terminus Systems.

    Squadmate: Zaeed Massani

    Zaeed has come forth with some shocking news; Darner Vosque, the current Blue Su…

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  • Antares2

    Another idea jammed it's way into my head while I was indulging myself in the mass effect 3 rebellion pack; where's the protheans? Sure, it would be a BIT difficult to fit them in while remaining faithful to the lore and everything but the lore and multiplayer compability thingy whatever doesn't make sense to me as is, so why should this idea be any different?

    Plus, this would continue the trend of Mass Effect things starting with "RE"

    Mass Effect: REvelation

    Mass Effect: REdemption

    Mass Effect 3: REsurgence Pack

    Mass Effect 3: REbellion Pack


    Mass Effect 3: REsurrection Pack

    This would include: 3 New Characters, 2 New Maps, 3 New Weapons, 1 New Enemy Faction

    Location: Ilos

    For 50,000 years, this planet lay still, no life, no activity. Now, you an…

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