The only major DLC I don't have is Overlord. From the very little I've read, the plot sounds interesting, BUT I avoid reading about it so as to prevent spoilers. Yet I'm skeptical. My main question is, is it worth it to get Overlord? Measuring "worth" by fun and plot (imitation and development of actions and characters, sensible sequence of events, etc.); fun in dialogue and combat; so, e.g., the Shadow Broker DLC would to me be worthy of download regardless of gains or losses in items, credits, playtime, conflicts with romantic options, graphics, etc.

Which leads me to a possibly relevant thought. [Warning: SPOILERS about other DLC]: Whereas, in my opinion, LotSB is outstanding in every way, "Firewalker" is rather lame (level design and graphics are great; the in-game unnecessary acquisitions [the Hammerhead, the silver sphere] are nice ornaments to their respective places in the Normandy; the story is at best mediocre, & the little voice acting is poor/stupid; the writing is OK i.e. the character motivation isn't bad but is somewhat lame [incredible or predictable, e.g. the one dude risks selling out the human race for the off chance of helping his beloved, who is presumably human]; the Hammerhead while excellent in handling is entirely useless in combat [trivializing the Colossus by firing from afar makes it even worse; in effect, the Colossus is less dangerous than Geth Troopers]): in sum, the story's inadequacy is not at all made up for by the fun of combat, and vice-versa.

SO: views on Overlord? Is it good for playing? Does it add to the game(s)? If so, how? If its gains are ruined by its tedium or deficiencies, how so? I'd really appreciate any views anyone is willing to share. (Please avoid core-plot spoilers if possible).

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