New question:

  • . PC Multiplayer: I frequently end up in a game where someone seems to have an automatic way of announcing over the radio something that sounds like, "Matt Boren" (or maybe "Clan" something). It always happens at 46 or 47 seconds left in the final wave. The player's name seems always to be different. Anyone know what this is?

(below are the old questions): I have some questions about multiplayer in Mass Effect 3 that I have not yet found answers to while poking around the wiki (which is becoming harder to navigate). 1. Combos -- is it not possible in multiplayer to set up and execute your own combos? The exception being lift-and-warp/reave combos (which do work, about half the time). For instance: your own tech combos, or an Adept's combos using warp + shockwave: the latter do not seem to occur.

2. Shockwave -- it seems almost useless in multiplayer (whereas in single player it's use was greatly improved over ME2). Is this by design? Is this a consequence of lag? Often I use shockwave on a dude in front of my face and he is unaffected.

3. The superior officer -- not that he's very annoying, but is there a way to either reduce what he says, or silence him for the duration of the waves?

4. Melee -- is one class' superior to another's? For instance, does the kung fu of the drell trump the pistol whipping of the humans?

5. Unspoken customs -- are there any?

6. What's your favorite class, and why?

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