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    New question:

    • . PC Multiplayer: I frequently end up in a game where someone seems to have an automatic way of announcing over the radio something that sounds like, "Matt Boren" (or maybe "Clan" something). It always happens at 46 or 47 seconds left in the final wave. The player's name seems always to be different. Anyone know what this is?

    (below are the old questions): I have some questions about multiplayer in Mass Effect 3 that I have not yet found answers to while poking around the wiki (which is becoming harder to navigate). 1. Combos -- is it not possible in multiplayer to set up and execute your own combos? The exception being lift-and-warp/reave combos (which do work, about half the time). For instance: your own tech combos, or an…

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  • AnotherRho

    Who is your favorite recurring (non-team mate) Non Player Character, and why? In all three main Mass Effect games, preferably. I count Joker as a member of the team.

    For instance: The guy fighting for his refund against The Company.

    Or better: Khalisah al-Jilani. I love how she's such a caustically irritating person, and gives Shepard and "other" krogan a chance to unleash their rage, only to (finally) learn how to dodge--and to deliver--a sucker punch. Not many characters can claim to knock Shepard down. I also like how she can expose a more sympathetic side in Mass Effect 3.


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  • AnotherRho

    So: who is the most underrated, non-player character in Mass Effect 2, and why?


    • "underrated" either by lack of popularity, or by explicit derision, regardless of whether one's referent is this wiki, the Bioware Social Forums, or anywhere else.
    • "why", in terms of combat/gameplay, speech, behavior, and/or other criteria.

    If someone thinks of an underrated NPC that is not on "the team", but still deserves mention, then mention that too.

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  • AnotherRho

    Views on ME2 Weapons

    August 28, 2011 by AnotherRho

    Does anyone ever use the M-451 Firestorm (flamethrower)? Particularly on Insanity difficulty. I've tried it a few times, with zero Shepard-survival rate.

    I'm curious about other player's opinions on this heavy weapon. Also, if you'd like to comment on one or two others that you find difficult, that's fine too. Tips on advantageous uses would be welcomed.

    For example, I find the Geth Pulse Rifle to have too little stopping power to be useful on Insanity (and in the hands of an ally, it's almost like a water hose). And yet I want it to be good, since, with the partial exception of the M-76 Revenant (which itself packs a lighter punch than the Locust), there is no fully automatic assault rifle that's useful on Insanity (at least to me). Pe…

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  • AnotherRho

    What are some of your favorite "little things" in the Mass Effect games so far?

    I mean e.g. such as these: that Wrex and Shepard greet and depart from one another merely by saying their first names; that Jacob is virtually the only person who ever salutes Shepard, and regularly; if you choose Garrus to lead the first team in the Suicide Mission, he merely nods his head, as though he's too tough to descend to the squabbles of Miranda and Jack; that Joker can say, desiring a burger, that he wants "an honest-to-God dead cow"; the way Rukar tries to cheer up Kargesh about the lack of fish on the Presidium; the "errors" in the advertisements on the Citadel; the elcor Hamlet; etc. I'd like to collect some of these little things here, for general…

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