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    ME3 Gamepad Support

    January 10, 2014 by Anexas98

    Hello people.

    I know the thing I am asking you for was probably debated over a lot in the past and well , it is kind of important issue for many people. None of the ME games on PC have controller support , a fact that I learned after my recently purchased ( Yesterday :D) XBOX 360 controller did not work with ME3 . And honestly , I have no problem to play with a keyboard and mouse , but this laptop that I have (HP Envy 15 jo48tx) has a very weird mousepad. I can't use the KB and the mousepad at the same time while playing a game and it's also very problematic. Therefore, I am asking here , on the ME wiki , whether someone knows about third party software which would allow me to use the controller

    Thanks :D

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