An Arcanine

aka Connor Dicken

  • I live in Joplin, Missouri
  • My occupation is High School Student, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve
  • I am Male
  • An Arcanine

    Okay, so, here's something I've noticed, having recently completed my Infiltrator playthrough through all three Mass Effect games and starting a Sentinel. Be warned... it is a bit long, and since I'm terrible with fonts, lines, and other neat-looking formatting stuff on Wikia sites... it'll be an eyesore. Just bear with me.

    Take a class like the Infiltrator, for example. In Mass Effect, it was specifically made as a "tech-savvy warrior". Sure, long-range combat came as part of the deal, but, using a pistol and sniper rifle as more of a support tool, rather than a dedicated sniper/marksman role, you COULD play as a tech-savvy 'soldier', and not just a sheer distance marksman. You could get a little closer to the enemy, weaken them with tech …

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  • An Arcanine

    For some reason, my data on the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer no longer seems to exist. Any time I try to join into a game, not only can I not join a game, but I have no character data whatsoever, and it tries to give me the Starter and Battlefield 3 packs all over again. It never saves any of this, and every time I attempt to join a lobby again it does it over and over again. Any ideas or suggestions on what I can do?

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