Major Decisions to make to get the largest amount of War Assets

We've been told the maximum war assets you can obtain is 7350, but how do you reach it? There are so many choices to make I can't list them all here, but here are the answers to some of the big decisions in the ME series.

In Mass Effect 1:

  • Choose to save the Rachni Queen
  • Kill Wrex on Virmire (leaving Wreav in charge)
  • Save the Council at the end
    • Save the council = 108, Sacrifice the council = 95

In Mass Effect 2:

  • Do everyone's loyalty mission
  • Save Maelon's Data on the genophage
  • For Heretic Geth see note below
  • Save the Collector Base

In Mass Effect 3:

  • Save the Rachni Queen (again)
  • Sabotage the Genophage
    • If you sabotage the genophage and Wreav is in charge then he won't figure it out like Wrex would have, giving you the Krogans and Salarians. This does mean Mordin dies unfortunately.

Note: You need both the Quarians and Geth to get the highest EMS, but if you need to choose it depends on your choice on Legion: A House Divided. Rewrite, go with Geth, Destroy, go with Quarians (this is the higher of the two) the side that benefited from the result will get an additional 150 total points added to assets.

Also! Play Mass Effect: Infiltrator:

  • For $4.99 you can get up 120 towards your EMS and a decent game.
    • 40 pts for a complete playthrough
    • 40 pts for playing through the Bonus Mission
    • 40 pts for getting Veteran or higher in all chapters of the single player

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