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    I like what they did for the Multiplayer version of Vengeful Ancient and that it's similar to the Geth characters' Networked AI ability in that you get a 5% (10% if maxed at rank 6) bonus when wielding Collector or Prothean weapons (which isn't the only Prothean weapon the Particle Rifle?). Is gives you small incentive to use them but won't punish you if you don't.

    This begs the question then, why don't all races have some form of this then? Why don't Krogan get a bonus using the Graal Spike Thrower or the Striker Assault Rifle? They're Krogan made after all. Infact many weapons have been made with similar designs to show their makers whether that be race (Salarian, Turian, Asari, Batarian, Quarian and Krogan designs) or faction (Cerberus, …

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    I came across an old magazine pile and I found the May 2011 issue of Game Informer. The cover is a m-Shepard standing in a heroic pose with a burning Earth behind him and nothing else. A very dynamic cover when compared to other covers that have article previews and titles all across them. I decided to look at the year old article and see what we were expecting due to this article and I found several things that changed some time between interview and release, some big and some small. I will share these, and my thoughts on them, below.

    1. James Vega was going to be James Sanders.

    And before you say "That's the guy in the trailer," as the article clearly states "Sanders is not the character we saw in the initial trailer." It's also pretty cle…
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    We've been told the maximum war assets you can obtain is 7350, but how do you reach it? There are so many choices to make I can't list them all here, but here are the answers to some of the big decisions in the ME series.

    In Mass Effect 1:

    • Choose to save the Rachni Queen
    • Kill Wrex on Virmire (leaving Wreav in charge)
    • Save the Council at the end
      • Save the council = 108, Sacrifice the council = 95

    In Mass Effect 2:

    • Do everyone's loyalty mission
    • Save Maelon's Data on the genophage
    • For Heretic Geth see note below
    • Save the Collector Base

    In Mass Effect 3:

    • Save the Rachni Queen (again)
    • Sabotage the Genophage
      • If you sabotage the genophage and Wreav is in charge then he won't figure it out like Wrex would have, giving you the Krogans and Salarians. This does mean M…
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    This will be a series of images I have found that are Mass Effect themed. Some funny, some cool, some in a category of their own.

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