If you had been following the BSN or blog posts on the wiki the past couple of days, you would have noticed that Mass Effect: Deception turned out to be a turd of a book. And not just any turd, the book is one of those chalky white ones left by your dog that had been outside for a couple of weeks. It truly is that bad.

This blog is intended to serve as a sort of a panacea, by venting what ever rage/bile the book has induced.

Just post what you particularly disliked about the book or anything that could parody it.

Right now, I simply can't get the Kai Leng/cereal scene out of my head. Leng sneaks into Anderson's house to bug it, and when he is about to leave decides to (not kidding here) just sit there and eat his cereal. The cold blooded killer from Retribution and soon to be ME3, one of Cerberus' top operatives, just sits there and steals Anderson's cereal. There are no words to describe how absurd this scene is. You could be thinking "maybe it would sound better in context" but in reality it just makes it much, much, MUCH worse. Turns out, Kai Leng is an adrenaline drunky. Eating other people's cereal in their house makes the house his in his mind, a form of marking his territory. So Kai Leng is just like a cat, except instead of using urine to mark his territory, he uses cereal. He probably gets a raging boner by doing other people's laundry.

Here's a few pictures to put the scene into perspective:

Kai Leng Cereal

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