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Choice and Consequence

While surfing "teh youtubes" the other day I was pleased to come across a video by the always eloquent and verbose MrBtongue. For those of you not aware of him, he's the guy behind the always entertaining "Tasteful, Understated Nerdrage" videos which covers a number of subjects including video games, literature, sci-fi, fantasy, and even quite a few on Mass Effect (or particular aspects of it shared by other related topics). Anyway, his most recent video aptly titled "Choice and Consequence" deals with they various types there-of within video games. While not specifically about Mass Effect per se, he uses it as one of his major examples and a lot of the concepts apply to it. I really enjoyed the points he brought up, to the point it added a new perspective of some of the games I frequently play.

Discussion is welcome but keep in mind you must keep it civil. That means specifically: No insulting others or their viewpoints, treat everyone with a modicum of respect, and if it gets heated remember not to disregard the points under any circumstances.

Here's the video if you're interested in watching it: click it as much as you like

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