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  • Aleksandr the Great

    Everyone has at least HEARD about the original Dark Energy ending, but other than a few odd details there's not much we really know about. However, recently Drew Karpyshyn in an interview with the Escapist has decided to shed a little more light on this discarded plot point. The interview delves more into HOW exactly the Dark Energy is harming the universe and why humanity is so important to the Reapers. Along with the Dark Energy plot, Karpyshyn also mentions some more fantastical early discarded endings such as Shepard actually being an alien or Shepard becoming some sort of cyborg in order to link the synthetics and organics. While not the most developed (Karpyshyn even says it was somewhat early in development), I still think the D…

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  • Aleksandr the Great

    While surfing "teh youtubes" the other day I was pleased to come across a video by the always eloquent and verbose MrBtongue. For those of you not aware of him, he's the guy behind the always entertaining "Tasteful, Understated Nerdrage" videos which covers a number of subjects including video games, literature, sci-fi, fantasy, and even quite a few on Mass Effect (or particular aspects of it shared by other related topics). Anyway, his most recent video aptly titled "Choice and Consequence" deals with they various types there-of within video games. While not specifically about Mass Effect per se, he uses it as one of his major examples and a lot of the concepts apply to it. I really enjoyed the points he brought up, to the point it ad…

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  • Aleksandr the Great

    After seeing a few blogs pertaining to how a sequel to Mass Effect 3 would work, I decided it was time for me to throw my two cents into the lot.

    If Bioware does indeed decide to make a direct sequel, they are going to have a hell of time finding a way to write around the ending. Their repercussions are wildly different from each other and make it that much more harder to make a sequel. Let's take a look at the different options. With the endings, there's the possibility that:

    A. Everyone is dead and the Reapers eventually succeeded in their extermination. Obviously, this creates a problem if they ever they want any of the current races in the game. Or they could all be back as ghosts WOOooooOOOoOOOo. Yeah, that was terrible wasn't it…

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  • Aleksandr the Great

    We all know Mass Effect has been garnering quite a bit of attention from popular animators: from better worse endings to Wrex on keyboard and even an extended cut with bears

    Out of sheer boredom I decided to check out Mondo's channel to see if they had anything new. To my surprise, one of their newer shows called Fanboy Rampage had a Mass Effect centric episode. Just thought I'd leave it out there for you guys. Personally, I thought it was hilarious, especially the ending XD

    Check it out here

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  • Aleksandr the Great

    After finishing the game twice, I decided to write my own review of Mass Effect 3, as a fan who has played through all 3 games completely. To make it easier to read, I split it up into three sections: story, characters, gameplay, and final impressions which are then separated into two paragraphs containing pros and cons. Beware though, this review contains spoilers and I would advise you to not read it if you have a problem with them.

    Overall, I really liked the story. Sure it started off slow, but the action steadily rose and eventually turned into a roller-coaster of action and emotion (until said roller-coaster crashed into a wall, but I'll get to that later). Some may complain that the Prothean super weapon, the Crucible, was a Mac…

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