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What our forces against the reapers may consist of in Mass Effect 3

Ideas of how the armies will be organized.

Aerial Alliance Dreadnoughts, Cruisers, Gunships, and Fighters Asari Dreadnoughts Salarian Dreadnoughts and Cruisers Turian Carriers Batarian Ships Geth Cruisers and Dropships Migrant Fleet Perhaps Rachni Ships, if they still exist

Planetside Krogan Rachni Geth Quarian Marines Alliance Soldiers Special Forces Salarian STG Turian Army Asari Commandos Mercenary and Pirate Bands (Most notably Blue Suns Eclipse and Blood Pack) Perhaps Elcor with mounted guns and Auxiliary Volus Troops Drell Hanar is tough to say unless they have secret blasto status abilities Raloi Hahne Kedar manufactured Mechs Other independent organizations.

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