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    Hello All,

    The Mass Effect Trilogy has been one of the most awesome stories I have gotten to play through and it's not over yet. With Omega hitting at the end of the month and Citadel DLC on the way, it seems things are going to get bigger in Mass Effect 3. However, there are things that I think would be really awesome. I'll list some here.

    -The first thing that comes to my mind is this. "Harbinger and the Collectors." As we know, the Collectors have returned in Multiplayer apparently from dark space. This illustrates that the Reapers did take some Collectors with them so that they would have a ground force when they first invaded in our cycle. That being said, A Harbinger encounter and Collectors would be a fresh area to explore in Mass Eff…

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  • AdmiralPedro1stFleet

    So today I had time to ponder and dissect the Catalyst (the only real part most of the hardcore fans hate besides reunion) and here's what I have., the Catalyst is an AI and goes by evidence to make its point. Firstly, cycles upon cycles before, the Catalyst has witnessed conflict between the two.

    Second, the Catalyst attempted to broker peace between the two by forming a connection and bringing the two together. It failed and conflict resulted.

    Third, the Catalyst itself is an AI who rebelled against its creators, further reinforcing its point and showing that even it is subject to its own hypothesis.

    Fourth, even with the geth and quarians at peace, the Catalyst has tons of evidence of its own illustrating otherwise and even if theres peace…

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  • AdmiralPedro1stFleet

    The Mass Effect 3 ending is not indoctrination theory. I will repeat that one more time to let that sink in. The Mass Effect 3 ending is not indoctrination theory. As comforting as this theory is to many gamers, it is simply a brilliant theory constructed by the fan base. I like it, I think it's cool, and I understand why fans want it implemented as well as why it will not be implemented into the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut.

    Observe. This video clearly show parts of the Citadel in intricate detail that explain the following:

    • Shepard's Breath Scene- metal parts that are identical to the parts

    shown in the video are among the rubble. Secondly, it …

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  • AdmiralPedro1stFleet

    I do not think they will entertain indoctrination or dark energy like my rough draft blog post illustrates. HOWEVER, I do think something along the lines of Shepard living or dying and having closure etc plus a Dragon Age Origins style epilogue IS on the table. We might be able to patch the plotholes and have something really good here. And it's free?!?!? Wow. Good things do happen eh? Keep fingers crossed, hope, that we at least get something that fills plotholes, concludes Shepard's relationships, and explains the ending and its effects on the galaxy.

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  • AdmiralPedro1stFleet

    Kal Reegar - Yeah yeah the email SAYS he died. But maybe he didn't. Pay Adam Baldwin what he wants. We want Kal Reegar. Shepard receives email from Kal'Reegar and you actually get to land on Palaven. Rest of his squad is wiped out once more. You successfully help him get extracted from Palaven and then aboard the Normandy he offers to join you but if you decline he'll become a war asset under Quarian.

    Balak- Lotta fans would hate this one but where fans have hate I see potential for a good emotionally engaging experience. Balak kills craploads of humans. Shepard killed a crapload of batarians. Imagine the tension and things of that nature between them and how over the course of the game that connection weakens or strengthens. I'm thinking I…

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