So, after I finished Mass Effect 2 for the 16th time, I once again found myself praying to God that Mass Effect 3 comes out soon. After all, we wanna see what Shepard&co. will do to make those Reapers go boom, and more importantly, we wanna see who's in the company. In all 6 playthroughs, I romanced Miranda (even with my 5 female Shepards, thanks to Gibbed's save editor) and kept everyone alive. However, on my only male Shepard and 3 female Shepards, I 'cheated' on Ashley to get Miranda, and my other 2 female Shepards, I 'dumped' Liara for Miranda. I honestly wonder what'll happen between your love interests in Mass Effect 3. Are we gonna get some delectable catfights? I sure hope so!

Also, we can't wait to see what impact our decisions will make in ME3, from the minor ones to the major ones like blowing up the Collector base. Let's all pray for an epic ME3 to be released sometime next year!

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