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    Okay, maybe that was a bit over the top, but what the hell man! Miranda CAN'T have a child?!! So now we're stuck with a perfect woman who can't give you a child, a tin-canned chicken who ALSO can't give you a kid, and a revenge-obessed convict? Okay, to be fair, Jack softens up at the end, and I like Jack now. So we faithfully played ME2 multiple times, and bioware does this to us. With utter sarcasm: Thanks man. Seriously. Which eggehead at bioware cooked this bs up?

    Okay. End of rant. Feel free to comment.

    • Dons flame-proof suit*
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    I know, I know, Tali's cute, she likes you and BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. Jeez Tali fanboys, stuff the 'ooh Tali!' for a second, thank you very much. I mean, sure she's nice and cute, and is a great girl to take home to see the folks. But... you DO realise that Tali isn't exactly perfection sooner or later. I dunno, I mean, I like Tali, BUT as a friend. Cause if we got serious, and I got sick, she's dead. Besides, her personality change from ME1 to 2 kinda made me think she: a.) Was abducted and replaced with a clone, or b.) She was schizo all along. Also, I find that her role isn't as well written as Miranda's or Jack's. And Miranda's also a great girl to take home to the folks (may need to keep her away from your dad and brothers though),…

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    So, after I finished Mass Effect 2 for the 16th time, I once again found myself praying to God that Mass Effect 3 comes out soon. After all, we wanna see what Shepard&co. will do to make those Reapers go boom, and more importantly, we wanna see who's in the company. In all 6 playthroughs, I romanced Miranda (even with my 5 female Shepards, thanks to Gibbed's save editor) and kept everyone alive. However, on my only male Shepard and 3 female Shepards, I 'cheated' on Ashley to get Miranda, and my other 2 female Shepards, I 'dumped' Liara for Miranda. I honestly wonder what'll happen between your love interests in Mass Effect 3. Are we gonna get some delectable catfights? I sure hope so!

    Also, we can't wait to see what impact our decisions wil…

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