There are many characters that have an importance within the ME games. No, I'm not talking about the squad members like Ashley, Garrus, Miranda, and Thane (Im using them because they're on the cover art); I'm talking about the characters that aren't in your squad. Conrad Verner, Aria T'loak, David Anderson - each one has their own place and importance within the story. Out of all characters that have appeared but are not SM, who do you want? I want the three mentioned above. CV tries too much to be Shepard, and he's important in his own way; otherwise, he wouldn't have appeared in ME2. Aria and Anderson and really central characters in the storyline, the both of them playing their pwn important parts. Now, there's a good chance that all three of them will return in ME3 (Anderson was already confirmed anyways), but I woud really love for them to be SM's at some point in the game. So, who do you want?

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