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  • 4Ferelden

    I have just been thinking recently about the blogosphere on this wiki and how the versus blogs here haven't been the most successful, either ending up ignored, or leading to protracted discussions with little progression, often becoming full-blown flamewars. This blog, however, focuses on something we're generally less invested in: the adversaries we dispatch along our way without much thought, unless the efforts of either the writers or AI coders guarantee otherwise. Because listing all enemies from the franchise or from a single game would be far too much work, here are the three selected entries for this blog, accompanied by polls and supporting images.

    So, these are the today's polls. I hope they made a nice change from the usual blogs …

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  • 4Ferelden

    On this wiki there’s now a huge debate about the feasibility of sequels (or even just prequels/interquels) to our beloved Mass Effect. I have decided to contribute and design what I think could be a possible storyline for Mass Effect 4, set 50 to 80 years after ME3.

    The Reaper War has been the greatest challenge the galactic community has known. Yet, it has been overcome where no other cycle has done so before, thanks to the unprecedented effort of the entire galaxy and heroism of the Commander Shepard. It was through their actions in the Battle for Earth that the Crucible has been activated to save the races of the galaxy from certain annihilation.

    Yet, the price was huge. The combined casualties from all stages of war have reached trillion…

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  • 4Ferelden

    This blog is about the Catalyst (alternatively known as the Starchild) we all know and hate. His main flaw (besides popping up at the last 15 minutes for no reason) is his logic of harvesting organic life in order to prevent it getting destroyed by synthetics. I won't go into great detail on them here (especially since other users have already done that for me), but two of them are especially jarring:

    • The "organics vs. synthetics" conflict can be avoided by simply using Reapers powers of speech and/or indoctrination to warn the current organics and destroy any research stations that try to create advanced synthetics (for added impact, the scientists could be huskified in order to truly drive the point home.)
    • His "preservation" of organic li…
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