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March 19, 2012
  • I live in The US of A
  • My occupation is Being a human
  • I am Male
Blasto meme

Hey, everyone. I am The Inceptionist. I'm an avid Mass Effect fan, as well as a user on multiple wikis, inlcuding one one I've created. I've owned multiple Xbox 360s before (all of which died) and own a (now broken) PS3. And since I always seem to buy consoles that hate being alive, I'll be PC gaming until further notice.

I usually play as Paragon male Shepard, though I have beaten the games with both genders and moral paths.

Hunter shepard

Hunter Shepard, humanity's number one bad@$$

ME Accomplishments Edit

I doubt anyone cares, but I'm posting this here regardless.

  • Beat the Mass Effect games more times than I can remember
  • Saved the Rachni Queen
  • Saved Wrex and Ashley
  • Saved the Council
  • Hooked this guy up as councilor
  • Loved a quarian and a hot blue chick
  • Defeated the Shadow Broker
  • Put an end to Project Overlord
  • No crew or squad members killed on Collector Base
  • Destroyed Collector Base
  • Recruited a Prothean
  • Cured the Genophage
  • Saved the quarians
  • Beat ME3 on Insanity
  • FALCON PUNCHED in all three games
  • Achieved synthesis

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