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I'm a former BioWare writer. I left the company in 2009, and no longer speak with any canonical force.

If there's any question, while I am "stormwaltz" in most places, not every "stormwaltz" on the internet is me. If it's something about art, dolls, or on Reddit, it's not me.

In ME, I did:

I also worked on Mass Effect 2.

  • Legion (though not the "confrontation" scene)
  • Thane Krios
  • EDI (her dialogues, Luke Kristjansen did her interjections in Joker's dialogue, and Patrick Weekes her N7 exposition)
  • Citadel Zakera Ward
  • Geth codex entries, touch-ups to older tech-related entries
  • Parts of the Galaxy Map

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