Urdnot Darg is a male krogan of the Urdnot Clan on Tuchanka, and he is employed by the clan as a scout.

While giving Shepard intel about Clan Weyrloc for Mordin's loyalty mission, the Chief Scout asks Shepard to keep an eye out for one of his missing scouts. When the Commander finds him during the mission, Shepard discovers that he was captured by the Blood Pack and was tricked into becoming Maelon's test subject. Darg can be convinced to return to the Urdnot camp or simply left alone.

Email: Back from female camp.Edit

If Shepard successfully convinced Darg to leave, he will send the Commander the following e-mail:

From: Urdnot Darg

Dear Human,

The clan leader told me how to get in touch with you. I don't remember much of what happened, but the chief scout said you pulled my quad out of the fire when I got caught and poisoned over at the Weyrloc camp. Thanks. Next time I have a chance to kill a human, I won't. Unless I go into blood rage or something.

I got to go to the female camp after I recovered, and it was pretty good. I was actually thinking of joining the Blood Pack before this happened. I think I'm going to stay here instead.

-- Urdnot Darg, Scout -Second Class

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