The Pathfinder actions have disabled the force field around Ja Niihk, an ancient city of the Angara. After proceeding to the dig site the city is filled with more kett who were determined to extract something valuable within the ruins.

Acquisition Edit

The Uncovering the Past is only available on Voeld after Ryder has completed the mission, Remove the Heart. The Pathfinder will gain access to a set of ice caves behind a small Kett base on the planet. These are the caves where Ryder will find the AI that you need to locate and deal with.

Walkthrough Edit

At the Ja Niihk Dig Site, the Pathfinder will have to fight through the kett occupying the ruined city. Once the Ja Niihk's shields down, Ryder will be able to access the Kett base.

Voeld is a frozen wasteland, so stick close to the heat lamps that mark Ryder's path. Ryder will locate the remaining Kett in the base, as well as several Angara prisoners.

The cave is filled with Kett, the Pathfinder must be on the watch for the Destined and dispose of them quickly as they have the ability to disperse a cloud that camouflages the Kett footsoldiers.

Locate an angara hiding near some cages, and speak with him to learn of the hidden passageway. After Ryder scans the walls around the area until you find the path, and blow it open using explosives.

A newly revealed tunnel will open and the Pathfinder's squad will come across an ancient AI. The angaran prisoner will attempt to remove the AI, but will be attacked and held hostage by the AI for cooperation. The Pathfinder has two options to continue this mission: deciding whether to kill the AI or save the AI.

If Ryder kills the AI, the angara will thank the Pathfinder, but SAM will confirm that there is nothing left to salvage.

If Ryder chooses to save the AI, the AI will kill the angara then plead to be taken back to the Nexus. At this point Ryder will be given another two options: keep the AI or give it to the angara.

  • If Ryder gives the AI back to the angara, then it is taken to Aya, and is kept there until you reach the final mission of the game. Once Ryder reaches the final mission, the angarans will use the AI’s abilities to help Ryder complete the mission.
  • If Ryder give the AI to the Nexus, it takes up resident in SAM Node and can be heard talking to SAM sometimes when you enter. Ryder will lose out on any assistance that it offers in the final mission, though.

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