Uncover the angaran roots on the ice planet known as Voeld.

Acquisition Edit

This mission is automatically acquired after Ryder has completed the mission Remove the Heart.

Walkthrough Edit

Investigate ice caveEdit

Once Ja Niihk's shields are down, Ryder will be able to access the kett base. The Pathfinder will have to fight through the kett occupying the ruined city.

Voeld is a frozen wasteland, so stick close to the heat lamps that mark Ryder's path. Ryder will eventually locate the remaining kett in the base.

Clear out kettEdit

The cave is filled with kett; the Pathfinder must be on the watch for the Destined and dispose of them quickly as they have the ability to disperse a cloud that camouflages the kett footsoldiers. As you continue through the cave, you will eventually find angaran prisoners.

Rescue captured angara Edit

There are three angara in total. Interact with the consoles near their cages to release them.

Talk to rescued angara Edit

Speaking to the angara, he tells you that the kett are trying to get into a room behind a certain wall. They had explosives they were planning to use to break it down.

Go to blockage Edit

Upon nearing the marker, Ryder decides scanning the area would help. The wall is made of ice, and SAM detects some strong signal from behind it.

Clear blast zone Edit

After setting the explosives, Ryder needs to run back behind a barricade. The explosives successfully take down the wall.

Enter chamber Edit

A newly revealed tunnel will open, leading to a huge room, and the Pathfinder's squad will come across an ancient AI. The AI will introduce herself, but SAM catches her lying twice; she also blocks his attempt to scan her. She seems to be afraid and hostile, wishing for an end.

The angaran prisoner will attempt to remove the AI, but will be attacked and held hostage by the AI for cooperation. The Pathfinder has two options to continue this mission: deciding whether to kill the AI or save the AI.

If Ryder kills the AI, the angara prisoner will thank the Pathfinder, but SAM will confirm that there is nothing left to salvage.

If Ryder chooses to save the AI, the AI will kill the angara then plead to be kept with SAM. At this point Ryder will be given another two options: keep the AI or give it to the angara.

  • If Ryder gives the AI back to the angara, then it is taken to Aya, and is kept there until you reach the final mission of the game. Once Ryder reaches the final mission, the angara will use the AI’s abilities to help Ryder complete the mission.
  • If Ryder gives the AI to the Nexus, it takes up residence in SAM Node and can be heard talking to SAM sometimes when you enter. Ryder will lose out on any assistance that it offers in the final mission, though.


If you gave the AI to the angara, you can talk with it in the Resistance HQ on Aya. Ryder also receives an email from Evfra commenting on the AI, and he concludes "Our alliance is indeed proving fruitful".

If you killed the AI, you will receive this email from Evfra instead:

Mail from Angara Resistance HQ
To: Ryder

From: Evfra

So, apparently you had your hands on an ancient angaran AI and you destroyed it to save an angaran life. It was a very tough decision that you had to make in the heat of the moment. I applaud you. It's exactly what I would have done. That former slave had a family that thought he was dead. You've given them a great gift.

The talk on Aya itself is very divided, although I suspect that no one may say so to your face. I find these kinds of debates invigorating--we're a complex, emotional people with many different views. I love it!

You can now speak with Eska Yeveth in Techiix (an ! on the map). She invites you to establish an outpost on Voeld.


  • 1330 XP
  • 29 AVP
  • +2% Voeld viability

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