Umi Henon is an asari bartender at Kralla's Song in Kadara Port.

She is first seen demanding that a krogan Outcast pirate pay for his order, indicating that she'll use force if necessary. After meeting with Reyes Vidal, Ryder has the option to order a drink from her and may inquire into the goings-on in Kadara as well as Umi's background.

Umi is informed about the tensions between the Outcasts and Collective gangs, but claims not to worry as long as the violence stays outside of her bar. While she expresses disapproval of Sloane Kelly's steadily increasing protection fees, she acknowledges that the Outcasts make up the majority of her clientele. She appears largely indifferent about the Charlatan-led Collective and their efforts to overthrow the Outcasts, remarking that "no-one's got the moral high ground in Kadara".

Having bartended on Thessia for 200 years, Umi came to Andromeda looking for a change. While she didn't enjoy her profession back in the Milky Way, she found the alternatives disagreeable and settled for continuing to tend bars even in a brand new galaxy. Her signature drink is whiskey served neat.

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