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Alliance Command has asked you to recover a data module used to gather intel on geth movements in the Attican Beta Cluster. It's likely the geth are also after the data module.

Acquisition Edit

When Commander Shepard enters the Hercules system in the Attican Beta cluster, Admiral Hackett informs Shepard that the probe is missing and must be recovered from the planet Eletania.

Preparation Edit

Because some Geth Destroyers may be charging at you in a somewhat cramped mine, a control ability like Throw which can stop them from meleeing your party to death will come in handy. Apart from that AI Hacking will come in handy, as will most tech abilities.

Walkthrough Edit

The downed probe is marked on the map on Eletania, but as soon as it is examined, you realise that the local simian lifeforms (dubbed space monkeys) have run off with the data module. Several monkey colonies will then be marked on your map with a number of space monkeys wandering through them. Using 'search' to find the module without hurting any of the monkeys will award Paragon points, while killing the creatures will give you Renegade points.

Eventually you will come to an abandoned mine. The monkey with the data module is inside the mine's deeper tunnels - you don't actually have to deal with any of the other monkeys or even examine the probe to progress the assignment. When you handle the monkey the way you see fit, the squadmates will say that the monkey had the module and Joker will be able to transmit its contents to the fleet. However, as soon as you have retrieved the data module, a geth force - which was either lying in wait or followed you in - will ambush you. Once the geth are destroyed, there's nothing else to do but head back up.

Note that there's no journal update following the data module discovery. The assignment will be marked complete once you exit the mine and return to the surface.

The entrance chamber in the mine contains a Locked Crate requiring Easy Decryption and a med-kit. The main mine chamber contains an open crate to the left and a Locked Crate requiring Easy Decryption near the centre. The tunnel to the right contains a Secure Crate (Average Decryption), and the tunnel to the left contains a Locked Crate requiring Easy Decryption.

Don't Miss: If you have Sha'ira's trinket, be sure to head to the southwest corner of Eletania to visit the Prothean artifact there.

Enemies Edit

Paragon points glitch Edit

It is possible to gain an unlimited amount of Paragon points during this assignment. To perform the glitch, begin by searching the monkey holding the data module and then saving the game. After reloading, another search of that monkey will result in the Paragon point reward being reissued to the player, despite it already being claimed before the reload. You do not need to save/reload the game between searches after the first save/reload. This results in a potentially limitless supply of Paragon points.

  • It is important to note that the player should not kill any of the other monkeys prior to searching the monkey with the data module as this will negate the glitch's effects after the save/reload.
  • This has been confirmed to work on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC version 1.02.

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