Avitus Rix believes that Macen Barro, the turian Pathfinder, is still alive. He has recruited you to help find him.


Automatically started after Ryder has landed on Kadara Port. It's a follow-up mission from Turian Ark: Not Dead Yet.


Check your emailEdit

An email titled Got a Lead on Ark Natanus tells about a trail leading to the planet Elaaden.

Got a Lead on Ark Natanus
To: Ryder
From: Avitus Rix


I'm hearing rumors that scavengers found pieces of an ark on a planet called Elaaden. Might be nothing, but worth checking out.


Acknowledge it to get the navpoint and the next objective.

Investigate the anomaly on ElaadenEdit

When you approach the navpoint you discover turian stasis pods on the ground.

Scan stasis pods for turian PathfinderEdit

There are no life signs. However, one of the pods is still powered.

Investigate the powered stasis podEdit

Reading the logs reveals that is was ejected from ark Natanus long after the ark hit the Scourge. Maybe there is hope that the ark is still out there, but in that case why did they eject the pods?

You receive 29 AVP and +2% Elaaden viability.

Contact Avitus via Tempest commEdit

He has been receiving coordinates via his implant, and wants to investigate the location.

Meet Avitus at navpointEdit

The navpoint is in the Remav system - same as H-047c. That was meant to be the turians home world. The ark is severely damaged by the Scourge. Avitus contacts you and ask you to meet hin on the ark.

Speak to Avitus on Ark NatanusEdit

THere is no gravity, and SAM says the hull is barely holding together. Avitus says it looks that who ever pilloted that ark wanted to get to H-047c no matter what. But rather than speculating they better investigate the ark.

Explore the NatanusEdit

On a console you find an auddio log from the ark's captain. The ark is taking serious damage from something that Ryder knows must have been the Scourge, and she ordered evacuation of the ark.

On another console the turian Pathfinder, Macen, is heard struggling to get to Avitus's pod.

Find the SAM nodeEdit

The ark's SAM node is damaged. However, Ryder's SAM was able patch it up enough to learn that it was ordered by Macen to send the ark's coordinates to Avitus to make him come to the ark so SAM could do the transfer to make Avitus the new turian Pathfinder. Macen was dying.

Ryder concludes that it's safest to move the ark's SAM to Nexus before the transfer was made.


An email fron Director Tann brings the good news that the recovering of the stasis pods on Ark Natanus will save 15,000 turian lives.


1330 xp.

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