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Turbocharge Edit

Temporarily vents weapon heat via armor to improve thermal clip efficiency and boost weapon firing rates.

Cost Ranks Description Bonus
1 Turbocharge Gives damage boost, increases rate of fire (RoF) and clip size for a short time Duration (s): 8

Recharge Time (s): 20

+10% Gun Dmg

+20% RoF

+20% Clip Size

2 Recharge Speed Increases recharge speed of the ability +10% Recharge Speed
3 Damage Increases weapon damage +10% Gun Dmg
4 Recharge Speed Greatly increases recharge speed of the ability +20% Recharge speed
4 Duration Greatly increases duration +50% Duration
5 Damage&Force Increases damage and force +15% Gun Dmg

+15% Gun Force

5 Accuracy&Stability Increases weapon stability and accuracy while Turbocharge is active +40% Accuracy

+40% Stability

6 Supercharge Increases weapon rate of fire and thermal clip size while Turbocharge is active +20% RoF

+20% Clip Size

6 Dump Heat Vastly increases thermal clip size while Turbocharge is active +80% Clip Size

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