Trip mine Edit

Deploys an explosive mine that triggers when an enemy comes within proximity of or crosses a sensor laser. Enemies suffer more damage the closer they are to the mine.

Activation requires one power cell from Trip Mine's limited power cell supply. The maximum number of active mines equals the current number of maximum power cells

Cost Rank Description Bonus
1 Trip Mine Deploys an explosive mine Trigger Radius (m): 0.5

Laser Range (m): 5

Maximum Damage: 1350

Damage Radius (m): 8

Power Cell Capacity: 2

2 Power Cells Increases the capacity +1 Capacity
3 Damage&Force Increases damage and force +15% Damage

+15% Force

4 Censor Range Increases proximity trigger radius and laser sensor radius +100% Proximity Radius

+60% Laser Range (m)

4 Power Cells Increases the capacity +1 Capacity
5 Damage&Force Increases damage and force +30% Damage

+30% Force

5 Damage Radius Increases the blast radius +30% Damage Radius
6 Detonator Mines act as combo detonators for all affected enemies +30% Combo Detonation Damage
6 EMP Mines deliver an electromagnetic pulse, stunning enemies and causing added damage to shields. Electrified enemies are briefly primed for combo detonations Stun Duration (s): 2

+35% Damage vs. Shields

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