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Tiran Kandros is the leader of the militia on Nexus. He is also in charge of the APEX Strike Team that Pathfinder Ryder can deploy. He is located near Operations in the Nexus security/militia area.

Kandros was born into a typical Turian military family. His sibling and cousin both pursued other careers, so many of his relatives greatly expected him to continue their tradition of military service. However, Kandros wanted to choose his own path, and thus he made the decision to join the Andromeda Initiative.

Following the rebellion, Kandros rises to the position of Director of Nexus Security. According to him, he obtained the position after a run-in with the kett: The science team he was escorting was captured, and Kandros was the only person in a position to rescue everyone. After breaking them out, the others looked up to him for guidance.

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