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Planet View
Type Rock
Orbital Distance 25.7 AU
Orbital Period 73.1 Earth Years
Keplerian Ratio 3.177
Radius 3,602 km
Day Length 73.1 Earth Years
Atm. Pressure Trace
Surface Temp −10 °C
Surface Gravity 0.33 g
Mass 0.104 Earth Masses
Satellites N/A

Location: Milky WayPylos NebulaDirada System Second planet

Prerequisite: Star Chart from Baria Frontiers store (Mass Effect 2)
Prerequisite: Leviathan: Find Ann Bryson (Mass Effect 3)

Description Edit

Thenusi is a small barren rock. Though there is evidence that it once had an atmosphere of carbon dioxide, only trace amounts of krypton and xenon remain. Like Siano, it is tidally locked to Dirada.

Mineral Deposits Edit

Initial Scanner Result: Rich

Mineral Amount Approximate Value
Palladium Medium 7,500
Platinum Low 4,000
Iridium High 11,500
Element Zero None 0

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