Evidence suggests a creature has been eating the Tempest's food stores. Search the ship to find it.

Acquisition Edit

After returning to the Tempest from Kadara Port, at the bottom deck of the Tempest, Ryder gets signals that something is there. Scanning the floor reveals some crumbs. Nakmor Drack comments over the comm that he has found crumbs too, and the mission starts.

Walkthrough Edit

Follow The Crumb Trail Edit

Using the scanner, more crumbs are found to the south of the first pile of crumbs.

Pathfinder Ryder believes that building a Humane Trap can be used to catch the creature that is nesting there. Ryder will then receive the blueprint for the trap.

Build A Trap At A Research Center Edit

The Humane Trap is found under Special Items in the Development menu at a Research Center. It requires 3 Aluminum to craft.

Place The Trap At The Creature's Lair Edit

Put the trap where Ryder found the second set of crumbs.

Wait For The Trap To Spring Edit

After Ryder has landed and boarded the Tempest again, go down to where the trap is located. Dr. Suvi Anwar says something is there.

Check The Trap Edit

Check the trap to find that something has been caught. Ryder now has a Hamster. Decide what to do with it.

If kept, the hamster will thereafter be kept in Ryder's quarters, near SAM and the e-mail terminal. Although an "examine" interaction is available, nothing actually happens when executed.

Rewards Edit

  • +530 XP
  • +29 AVP AVP icon