A discovered audio log revealed that an angaran refugee family is being hunted by the kett. Search the area for signs of survivors.


Voeld 2

Going straight north from Techiix on Voeld, there is red smoke from a flare among ice formations. Next to it is an audio log on the ground. Listening to it starts the mission. In the message, Ibyl says that she had to leave her parents in a nearby cave, while she herself was on the run from kett. She hears them coming for her.


Find the missing parentsEdit

In the cave, there is an audio log from her father Relmoj. The kett have taken all their children except Ibyl, so they sent her ahead to Techiix. He hears the kett coming for him and his wife.

Ryder has no way to track them so all that remains is to transmit the audio logs to the Resistance.


270 XP.

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