Site 2 engineers knew they were in desperate circumstances when the kett became aware of their attempts to settle. Engineers tried to research technology that could help them fight the kett.


In Site 1: Promise, there is a datapad that can be found in the lower floor of the building near the Tempest.

Log: Site 2 Work Crews
Login: Chief Engineer Grace Lito

My radiation shields are dead, but I finally made it to Site 1. Promise is a ghost town. Damn it, there’s got to be something the storms and rat-pack salvagers didn’t take away.

Without the project, Site 2 is done for. Our crews get torn apart faster than we can patch things up. And we hear that ‘’thing’’ at night—can’t pretend it’s the weather any more. Wind doesn’t roar like it’s hungry.

Update: Managed to pry enough components out for the project and patch up my shields. I’m heading home to Site 2. If it’s still there.


Examining it will begin the mission.

Alternatively the mission will start automatically when you enter Site 2 Resilience.


Search Site 2 for the secret research projectEdit

Head to Site 2: Resilience near the lake. The failed outpost was a victim of a kett attack that wiped out most of the colonists stationed there. A recreation of a conversation between two colonists can be found in the second story of the main building. Examining the only available door on the first floor reveals that it was locked from the outside.

Entering the building, a power terminal in the second room can be activated. Upon activation, SAM informs the Pathfinder that a bulletin was released at the time of shutdown; it simply said "Run." The locked door opens, revealing a fiend, while a kett dropship approaches the site.

Defeat the kettEdit

Fight off the kett and the released fiend. Another kett dropship approaches soon after the first, so be prepared.

Once the kett have been cleared, you can continue to search Site 2 for the secret research project. Through one of the now-opened doors, a console can be interacted with to reveal that the secret project was building something to fight the kett with. The project could be finished, with the right components.

Recover componentsEdit

Three components must be found; you automatically begin with one. The second component can be found just a few steps away in the next room. The last component requires a bit of a drive around the lake to a crashed Initiative shuttle.

Scan the research projectEdit

With all of the components collected, return to Site 2. Near the console that you interacted with before, scan an Adapted Initiative Core Tech to complete the mission.


270 XP, 100 Milky Way research points, 29 AVP, 2% Eos viability.

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