The Outlaws discovered a Remnant device in a Remnant conservatory on H-047c that they believed would unlock vast quantities of helium-3 to exploit. Attain that supply for the Initiative.


Acquired upon the completion of From the Dust, or by entering the Remnant conservatory.


Find the Remnant conservatoryEdit

It's in a shield-protected site in the southwestern part of the map.

Use the Gravity Well to enter the conservatory.

Explore the Remnant conservatoryEdit

SAM informs Ryder that the facility can be started from a console deeper into the facility.

Every now and then you will have to fight remnant forces.

Scan for 100 Remnant research data on the upper ledge.

On the way to the door is a console that should open the door, but it isn't working. Scanning it reveals that an Observer is needed. On the ledge next to the Gravity Well is a console that spawns an Observer. Scan the door console when the Observer is close to it, and the Observer will use to open the door. This and other Observers in here might need two scans before they do their work.


In the main room the way straight ahead is blocked by an abyss.

Take the western path.

C2 spawns an Observer. It will go to C1. Scan C1, and the Observer activates it. Two doors are opened in the walls uncovering two chambers. There is a console in each of them, one with one Remnant Light and the other with two. You need to find more of those consoles before anything useful can be accomplished. Anyway use them in the order 1 light, 2 lights.

C3 opens the door to the south and close a door behind you. Before you use it wait for the Observer to follow you.

In that area is another 100 Remnant research data.

Console C4 requires an Observer, which happens to be the one that followed you. It opens two chambers in the walls, each with a console. They have three and four Remnant Lights. Use them in that order. Two doors now opens in the walls in the area market with an X.

Also, a door to the south was opened making C5 accessible. Use C5 to open the door to the south.

In the room marked X you'll find a glyph to scan in one of the chambers in the walls (obviously a puzzle is waiting somewhere ahead), and 100 Remnant research data in the other.

Use C5 to return to the room to the north.

Just before crossing the bridge to the eastern side grab the container and 100 Remnant data.

On the eastern side.

C6 requires an Observer.

C7 opens the door to the south and close the one to the north. Go south to fetch an Observer.

C8 spawns an Observer. Use C7 to go north again (wait for the Observer). Go to C6 and scan it to make the Observer activate it. Two chambers are opened in the walls: A container and 100 Remnant research data.

Go north and use C9 (wait for the observer). The northern door is opened and the southern closed.

Go to C10 and make the Observer activate it. A chamber is opened in the wall. An observer attacks. In side is a container and two glyphs - scan them . Use C9 to return to the southern room. The Observer follows.

Use C7 to continue into next room to the south. The Observer follows. In its eastern end two chambers in the walls have opened: One with a container and one with a ammo supply.

Use C11 to continue into next room to the south. The Observer follows.

In there awaits the Progenitor (a destroyer) and several other Remnants. Remnants will spawn all the time until the Progenitor is destroyed. A Cobra RPG (or two) for the Progenitor quickens this battle.

If your helpful Observer got killed so go back to C8 and spawn a new Observer, and then return.

Make the Observer activate C12. Two chambers are open in the walls, one contains a container, the other a glyph and two data patterns.

Activate the TillerEdit

K047c puzzle

The console requires you to solve a glyphs puzzle. The four new glyphs have been scanned on your way here. After activating it the Initiative have a long lived source of helium-3.

A bridge straight north to the exit appears.


1330 xp, 73 AVP

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