Kent Halsey traveled from the Nexus to locate his exile sister, Isabel, but he needs help. He thinks Velonia in the Paradise might have information to help find her.


Speak to Kent Halsey outside the Paradise (he is marked with an exclamation).


Speak with VeloniaEdit

She overheard some scavengers saying she was in a cave, and that her time was out. Velonia gives you a navpoint for the cave.

Investigate the scavenger campEdit

After you have defeated the camp's defenders head upstairs and read the datapad: A shipment of guns have been delayed, and the one who wrote the massage intends to hold Isabel here until Big Taran has been told that he will not get his guns. A navpoint is acquired.

Find Isabel HalseyEdit

The navpoint takes you toa cave behind a scavenger camp, with a moderately strong force present - 8 Raiders and 2 Anarchists. Cover in the area is minimal except in the camp itself, so think about your attack plan. You may want to drive right into the camp.

After all the scavengers are dead Isabel radios Ryder. She wants to talk to whoever's killing her men. Proceed into the cave to find Isabel.

Inside the cave, you'll find a small base, run by Isabel, who's in no need of rescuing. She's got a new career on Elaaden, making weapons for gang leaders. (Isabel doesn't sell to Nexus people as a matter of principle, so there's no shop here.) Isabel is respected and secure, and sees no reason to leave.

Ryder can either talk Isabel into leaving (both options after telling her to leave work) or accept that she's staying. The mission concludes either way.

Rewards Edit

270 XP, 29 AVP, +2% Elaaden viability

Trivia Edit

After the mission, Ryder can talk to Kent back at the Paradise. If Isabel is leaving, Kent thanks Ryder. If Isabel is staying, Ryder advises Kent to get on with his life.

Isabel can be talked to before ever meeting Kent. If this happens Ryder will not be able to talk her out of her current lifestyle. This will effectively lock out the mission, since Ryder will tell Kent what Isabel's up to when they meet, and conversation will then proceed to Ryder advising Kent to get on with his life.

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