Kent Halsey traveled from the Nexus to locate his exile sister, Isabel, but he needs help. He thinks Velonia in the Paradise might have information to help find her.

Acquisition Edit

Speak to Kent Halsey in the Paradise Sands (just outside The Paradise) on Elaaden. Kent is marked with aMEA New Mission Map Icon.

Warning: Isabel can be talked to before ever meeting Kent. If this happens, Ryder will not be able to talk her out of her current lifestyle. This will effectively lock out the mission, since Ryder will tell Kent what Isabel's up to when they meet for the first time and conversation will then proceed to Ryder advising Kent to get on with his life.

It's possible to bypass the requirement to talk to Velonia if Ryder discovers and explores the scavenger camp first which is easy to do given there's a plant sample for the mission Task: Cultivation right in front of the camp.

Walkthrough Edit

Kent is on Elaaden looking for his sister Isabel Halsey. Isabel joined the rebellion and was exiled to Kadara. Somehow she pissed off the people there so badly that she was sent to Elaaden. Kent needs Pathfinder Ryder's help to find his sister and convince her to return to Kadara with him and give up the rogue's life. Kent suggests speaking the Kadara salvager Velonia in The Paradise.

Speak With Velonia Edit

Before heading to speak to Velonia, head down the stairs to the south and then to the east to find an Angaran Integrated Tech Node that can be scanned for +100 Rd icon heleus orange. Nearby, the Water Tanks can be scanned for +10 Rd icon milkyway orange.

Head into the building in The Paradise and speak with Velonia. Velonia says she doesn't know anything but did hear the name from a group of scavenger's selling that day's salvage. Apparently they said that "Isabel's time is limited.". Velonia says she stays out of others business as it helps her longevity. She however will provide a navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Iconthat Ryder can visit.

Investigate The Scavenger Camp Edit

Head to the west Forward Station in the western Sea of Ataraxia and then head to the west to an outlaw camp MEA Structure Map Icon. Ryder will come under fire from the outlaw forces. Defeat them.

Next to one of the trees is one of the plant samples for the mission Task: Cultivation.

Inside the lower level of the building is a lootable container.

Head to the upper level of the building and there is a lootable container outside the room. Inside the room is a large lootable container and a datapad.

Shipment's delayed. You'll have to be the one to tell Big Taran he's not getting his guns.

I'll hold Isabel here 'til you do. Don't want things to get messy.

After reading the datapad, a new navpoint will be added a short distance to the northeast.

Find Isabel Halsey Edit

Heading to the navpoint takes Ryder to a cave behind a scavenger camp with a moderately strong force present - 8 Raiders and 2 Anarchists. Cover in the area is minimal except in the camp itself, so plan the attack accordingly. Ryder may want to drive right into the camp and in the ensuing confusion take out the enemies.

After all the scavengers are dead, Isabel radios Ryder. She wants to talk to whoever's killing her men. A new navpoint is added inside the cave. Proceed into the cave to find Isabel.

Inside the cave, Ryder will find a small base, run by Isabel, who's in no need of rescuing. She's got a new career on Elaaden, making weapons for gang leaders. (Isabel doesn't sell to Nexus people as a matter of principle, so there's no shop here.) Isabel is respected and secure, she sees no reason to leave.

Ryder can either talk Isabel into leaving with her brother (both options after telling her to leave work) or accept that she's staying. The mission concludes either way after the conversation.

Regardless of the outcome of speaking with Isabel, Ryder can still explore Isabel's camp.

Before leaving the cave, inside the small building is a lootable container and there is a Vanadium node behind the building.

Aftermath Edit

After the mission, Ryder can talk to Kent back at The Paradise. If Isabel is leaving with Kent, Kent thanks Ryder. If Isabel is staying, Ryder advises Kent to get on with his life.

Rewards Edit

Bugs Edit

  • (Confirmed and tested on PS4): Convincing Isabel to leave may result in only experience points being given; to get the AVP and planet viability points, she has to decide to stay.
  • Activating Ryder's scanner in the cave reveals a white squiggly line inside the wall of the cave directly behind Isabel's dwelling. It can't be accessed and doesn't appear to relate to any mission or location.