An angaran saboteur was trapped in rubble after destroying a kett weapons depot.


After overhearing the conversation, speak with Haana in the angaran Voeld base. The mission is available after completing Meet the Resistance and A Trail of Hope.

Haana is convinced that her friend Mashal is alive, despite having set off an explosion that destroyed a kett depot. Ryder offers to check out the area.


Investigate the ruinsEdit

When arriving at the marked location, SAM informs Ryder that they are approaching the kett weapons depot destroyed by the Resistance. Look for signs of the missing scout.

Scan the areaEdit

Scanning the kett drill doesn't reveal anything special except a faint energy signature that could be from a backup generator.

Be aware that the fire in the area can damage you.

Enter the destroyed ammo depotEdit

The entrance is in the higher layers of the rubble.

Search for survivorsEdit

Ryder hears a voice on the other side of a door speaking to someone. The door can't be opened because it lacks power.

Restore powerEdit

The scanner reveals where the power cable is coming from. A console is behind some rubble. Use either gunfire or a melee attack to clear the way, and then interact with the console to restore power.

Free survivorsEdit

Now the door can be opened. Inside is Mashal and a gravely wounded kett. Mashal has been torturing the kett to make it tell where her family is. All the kett says is that it wants to be killed. Ryder has to choose whether Mashal shall be left with the kett (as she wishes) or kill the kett and make her return to the base.

Return to Haana with updatesEdit

If you killed the kett, Mashal has sent up a signal for the Resistance to retrieve her. If you left Mashal there, Ryder informs Haana of Mashal's survival, and the Resistance will organize a pickup. Either way, Haana thanks Ryder.


270 XP.

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