A strange signal caused the Tempest to auto-respond. Search the system for the source.


It is uncertain exactly what triggers this mission.

  • One verified scenario: Established an outpost on Eos, completed the story mission on Voeld, deactivated the kett main base on Voeld, and visited Kadara Port. After that the mission is triggered when the Tempest enters the Pytheas system. It is thus not necessary to have established outposts on two planets.

Suvi alerts Ryder that something pinged the Tempest, and the Tempest auto-responded.

Scanning the system reveals a ZK Resource Tracker. Suvi indicates it must have been designed by someone who knows the tech "inside and out."

When arriving at the satellite's location it explodes, and you receive 29 AVP and +2% Eos viability. Suvi remarks the satellite sent an alert. Scanning the debris gives 50 Heleus research data.

SAM tells Ryder to contact Addison.


Speak with Addison on Tempest videonEdit

She briefs you on the issue. Among other things, the satellites can open backdoors into the Initiative's system. The tech is designed by Dr. Zoe Jean Kennedy who disappeared along with the exiles. Addison suggests searching systems where Initiative outposts have been established or placing new ones to draw these persons out. Her concerns are Kennedy, her tech, their lives - in that order.

Find a ZK Tracker in the Nol systemEdit

After establishing an outpost on Voeld, a ZK Resource Tracker can be discovered in the Nol system. As with the previous one, it explodes when the Tempest approaches. Scanning it gives 50 Milky Way research data. Suvi gets closer to tracking the sources of origin for those satellites.

Find the origin of the signal in the Nalesh sytemEdit

The tracking leads to a ZK Tracker Signal Shuttle. Suvi detects it's just a relay, but manages to intercept the feed. Someone notices they have been found; it's a man who is in Dr. Kennedy's company. The Pathfinder manages to get a conversation going, discovering that Kennedy is pregnant, but the shuttle explodes before Suvi can track the origin of the transmission. Scanning it gives some resources. Ryder wants some answers from Addison.

Contact Addison on the vidconEdit

Addison is forthcoming. She and Zoe Jean Kennedy know each other from their university days, and it was she who talked Addison into the Andromeda Initiative. Addision is not happy with what Kennedy did, but the fact has to be accepted to make the best out of the situation. Kennedy has to be found.

Find a ZK Tracker in the Govorkam systemEdit

This objective becomes available after you have established an outpost on Kadara. Suvi detects that something is different. There is an angaran signal on the tracker. Listen to the last message on the tracker. It's clear that the Roekaar are tracking Kennedy.

You receive 29 AVP and +2% Kadara viability. Scanning it gives 50 Milky Way research data.

Find a ZK Tracker in the Zaybray systemEdit

There are indications that the kett are on the track too. It leads to the planet Voeld, where there are plenty of kett and Roekaar.

Scanning the satellite gives 50 Milky Way research data.

Locate Dr. Kennedy on VoeldEdit

The shuttle is under attack.

Defend Dr. Kennedy's shuttleEdit

Both kett and Roekaar are attacking there are two computer consoles on either side of the shuttle that will activate the defense turrets. When they are defeated the shuttle takes off, and soon the sound of a newborn baby is heard over the comm.

Contact Addison on Tempest vidconEdit

Addison is satisfied with the resolution. Dr. Kennedy has agreed to share her findings with the Initiative. And she somewhat mysteriously says there is someone else out there other than kett and Roekaar.


1330 XP

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