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First murder

Dr. Aridana has attempted to contact you. Speak to her at the Nexus tech labs.

Acquisition Edit

Head to the Nexus on the second floor (Dock area) in the Research Lab, where Dr Aridana (The Dr. that asks you to scan the planets) will be. She will give you a drive to resolve some calculations. It will be suggested that SAM can help the calculations with his processing power.

Walkthrough Edit

This mission has a few jumps. You must have Kadara Port and Kadara Badlands unlocked to resolve the quest fully.

  • Talk to Dr. Aridana on the Nexus research center.
  • Obtain the data from Dr. Aridana and head to the SAM node in the Hyperion (Nexus).
  • The data will have some malware code designed to kill SAM. Follow the instructions SAM gives you to help restore and save SAM.
  • Confront Dr. Aridana about the malware. She will refuse having any involvement. The doctors will also suggest something is a miss as there has been sabotage to VI's.
  • Head out to the nearest Avina VI (First floor, Nexus dock. The VI that you first meet when you dock the Hyperion on the Nexus for the first time). Avina will show erratic behavior. Start a conversation with her. In the conversation... either lie or continue to advance the plot.
  • The quest will go on hold until you advance and unlock Kadara Port and advance some of the plot lines of Kadara.
  • Later you will receive an email from "Knight" to meet at an specified area in Kadara Badlands, head to this place.
  • You will meet "Knight" and her reasons for her hate towards all AI, namely her prior involvement in Project Overlord.
  • Investigate the place, but do not use your scanner, as this will cause the other personnel at the base to become hostile later on.
  • Talk to Knight's son Alain. He will tell you a little bit about his history, but refuse to divulge any information about his mother's plans. Talk to SAM and head to any R&D to Develop a device to help him.
  • Deliver the device to Alain; he will thank you and reveal a little more about what his mother intends to do.
  • Head to the computer terminal and you will discover that Knight intends to plant EMP bombs on the Nexus in order to destroy its quantum computers, which will prevent the future creation of any AI, though will cripple the station's operations in the process.
    • If you used your scanner at any point prior to this, everyone in the base except for Alain will now become hostile. While it's still possible to get the best outcome to the mission by immediately leaving without killing anyone, in practice this is impossible, as on the easier difficulty settings your squadmates will likely end up killing at least one of the personnel even if you don't fire a single shot, while on Hardcore or Insanity difficulty the number of enemies all but guarantees that you'll be killed if you try to leave without dealing with them all.
  • Use your scanner and scan a box opposite the wall of the Terminal. It will be an example box of the devices (for Research info).
  • Head to the Nexus via the Tempest, talk with Kandros and deactivate the bombs (You will have a normal sensor proximity alert, but no position or wall-seeing. Most of the boxes are hidden behind something or lodged between things). You have to remove 2-3 devices in different areas of the Nexus, then head to confront Knight right outside the Research office in the Nexus's dock zone (second floor).
  • How you deal with Knight depends on what happened back at her base:
    • If you caused her colleagues to become hostile and then killed even one of them, then Knight refuses to be reasoned with and immediately goes to detonate the final device, but is taken out by a sniper.
    • On the other hand, if you were able to escape detection at her base then it's possible to talk her down. Alternatively, you can decide that Knight is too dangerous to be allowed to live, and have the sniper execute her anyway.

Trivia Edit

  • The Consoles in the room when scanned display random segments of binary/hex code, which translate to "Welcome to the world. Your name is SAM.", "Emergency. Contact Alex Ryder or sysadmin." and "System corruption in progress. Please assist."

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