One of the Charlatan's representatives has been tweaking orders for their own gain. Ryder has offered to discreetly investigate the Collective base to help uncover the imposter.

Crux has provided Ryder with two clues to help identify the imposter: their footprints are humanoid in shape and they should have high levels of residual sulfur on their clothes.

Acquisition Edit

Starts upon the completion of The Collective Base conversation with Crux. This mission is located in cave in the Draullir region on Kadara.

Note: This mission will be shown as complete in the mission section with the search for the imposter being called off if High Noon is completed first and Ryder sides with Sloane Kelly.

Walkthrough Edit

Multiple datapads and terminal entries can be found in locations around the base. There are multiple mineral nodes and lootable containers in this area of the cave system. There is also a locked room below the buildings that will not be available to explore until after this mission is started.

Scan Suspects (0/5) Edit

Scan the five suspects to see which of them fit the clues that Crux provided.

  • Aquila
  • Carina - The Unknown Fungi near Carina can be scanned for +10 Rd icon heleus orange.
  • Dorado - A Kennel near Dorado can be scanned for +10 Rd icon milkyway orange.
  • Lynx
  • Octans - In the room with Octanus is a lootable container.

The suspects are narrowed down to Lynx and Dorado.

Personal Log: Aquila
New entry: Took awhile but this place is really coming together. We've got ourselves a proper hideout down here and the shuttles keep coming.

No idea how the Charlatan finds all this salvage. Elaaden maybe? I hear they've gone tons of scrap. Still, that's a long ways to bring sheets and metal and supplies. But hey… not my credits.


Latest Shipment

Shipment 30075 is in and ready for your inspection.


P.S. What are peanuts and why do we need 20 lbs of them

One of two versions of the Dispatch: Crux datapad will appear based on whether Ryder has completed High Noon or not.

Before High Noon

Dispatch: Crux

We've got a visitor wandering around—the human Pathfinder.

Be on your best behavior or the Charlatan will hear about it.


After High Noon

Dispatch: Crux
It's no longer safe here. The representatives will join the Charlatan at an undisclosed location. The rest will stay here and clean up any loose ends.


Terminal near Crux:

Unlock Holding Cells
Username: Crux

Lock Holding Cells
Username: Crux

New Recruits

New batch of recruits are headed your way. Put Octans on them. He did well with the last bunch.


Speak To Lynx And Dorado Edit

Lynx has been operating the water filters, which could explain the level of sulfur on her clothes.

Questioning Dorado requires more finesse. If Ryder asks "You're completely loyal, huh?", she gets defensive. If Ryder asks her about the sulfur springs, she says that she was sent there.

Report Back To Crux Edit

There are two outcomes based upon Ryder's prior decisions.

Ryder catches Dorado:
If Ryder asked Dorado about the sulfur springs, it turns out Dorado should have been nowhere near the springs. Dorado is successfully detained and the mission ends. Ryder is awarded +530 XP, +29 AVP AVP icon, +2% Kadara viability.

Ryder doesn't catch Dorado:
If Ryder asked Dorado about her loyalties, she's been tipped off about the investigation, and has fled. Two new objectives will be added. Ryder will need to chase her down through the tunnels and kill her before she escapes.

Find Dorado Edit

Chase Dorado back into the caves to a navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Icon.

Defeat Dorado And Her Dogs Edit

Adhi will attack Ryder as well as Dorado. Defeat them to finish the mission.

Ryder is awarded +29 AVP AVP icon, +2% Kadara viability, and XP after killing Dorado and the Adhi. This XP will be close to the +530 XP earned if Ryder didn't have to kill Dorado.

Rewards Edit

  • None