An exile named Derc hired you to check in on a missing surveyor, who was collecting baryte samples in Draullir.


Speak to Derc in the Tartarus nightclub. He sits in the corner on the bottom floor.


Travel to the surveyor's last known location in DraullirEdit

The track leads into a big cave. Someone has set up floodlights powered by generators - too much for one surveyor to carry. The are some rylkors and wild adhis too. Eventually you will find the surveyor's corpse.

Scan surveyor's corpseEdit

He apparently broke his neck from a fall. SAM downloads his collected data to deliver to Derc.

Exploring the cave further, you come to a door. Opening it, an asari named Lynx says the Charlatan wants Ryder alive (so now we can guess who set up those floodlights). This will lead to a new mission: The Collective Base.

Return to DercEdit

Ryder reports what happened and gives the baryte samples to Derc.


  • 270 XP
  • 29 AVP
  • +2% Kadara viability

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