Terrorist Leaders are high-ranking members of batarian extremists wishing to sabotage the negotiations between the Council and batarian ambassador Jath'Amon. They are fought by Jacob Taylor alongside Terrorists and can be recognized by their red color.

Tactics Edit

  • The terrorist leaders have greater health and kinetic shielding than their underlings. Their shields will begin to regenerate 1.5 seconds after being disabled, but their health will not.
  • Several terrorist leaders present in the end of the game are equipped with a powerful rocket launcher which can inflict huge damage in a certain radius. However they have to charge their weapon before to shoot, use that short moment to take cover or to avoid the rocket.
  • It is recommended to prioritize your powers against them. Your Overload will instantly disable their shields while your Stasis will freeze them into place for a time.

Trivia Edit

  • During several missions of the game, you will be able to discuss with one of this enemy who wears strange glasses adapted to his two pairs of eyes.