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The template returns the power icon with the link to its relevant page beside it. Also categorize the powers to Biotic or Tech categories based on the power.


| 1          = The Ability or Power image to return.
               If power do not exist, a generic "class power" image is returned.
| game       = For which game the Ability or Power is associated with can be
               either ME (for Mass Effect) or ME2 (for Mass Effect 2). Default is 'ME2'.
| imagewidth = The width of the image. Default is '20px'.
| 1          = 
| game       = 
| imagewidth = 


{{PowerDetails|Shadow Strike|imagewidth=30}}
Will return: Cloak ME2 Icon Shadow Strike

If a power does not yet exist in the list, a generic "class power" image is used, with no link, e.g.:

{{PowerDetails|Death Choir}}
Will return: Class Power ME2 Icon Death Choir

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