Telon is a salarian construction worker on Illium.

Telon is part of the construction team working on the Dantius Towers. When Nassana Dantius told the Eclipse mercs she hired to kill all of the workers in the tower, because the assassin Thane Krios had made his way in, he and several of his coworkers are caught in the crossfire. Thane eventually makes his way to their position, and snipes a merc that discovered them and was ordering them out. Thane then locks the door to the room where he and his brother Chesith are, and Telon grabs the merc's gun.

When Shepard and the squad finds the trapped salarians, Telon panics and points the gun at Shepard. Shepard can either knock him out or tell him to put the gun down. Either way, Telon collapses to the ground, and after Shepard has a conversation with his brother, his brother gets him up and they make their way out of the tower via the lower floors.