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For the Power in Mass Effect 3, see Proximity Mine.

Tech proximity mines are, as the name implies, mines placed as a 'side effect' of using tech talents like Sabotage, Overload, or Damping. They are the closest your squadmates come to using grenades, but while proximity mines are not as powerful, there is effectively an unlimited supply once they have recharged.

Proximity mines will usually explode instantly if you are using tech talents specifically on an enemy. When enemies are approaching or about to appear, using one of these talents (say on a wall or nearby obstacle) allows you to effectively put a minefield in their path which will detonate once they get close enough. Proximity mines, unlike grenades, do not have a timed fuse, but they usually vanish once the combat session is over or if no enemies appear for an extended period.

Proximity mines do not have to be planted on a surface, but will hang in the air at the limit of their range.

Damping increases the explosion radius on tech proximity mines, Hacking causes them to recharge more quickly, and Decryption increases their damage.

DampingMine OverloadMine SabotageMine
Sabotage mine Overload mine Damping mine

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