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'Tech' refers to classes and talents based around reverse engineering or hacking various technologies, including hardsuit systems, weapons, and synthetic enemies like the geth. Tech talents are deployed with omni-tools.

Classes Edit

The three playable tech classes are Engineers, Infiltrators, and Sentinels. Engineers focus purely on tech abilities but are less proficient with weapons, while Infiltrators and Sentinels split their focus between tech and combat or biotics respectively.

Talents Edit

Mass Effect Edit

Tech talents are particularly useful in Mass Effect as most enemies are synthetic in some aspect. These talents range from destroying enemy shields and weapons, to hacking a synthetic to turn on its own kind, to restoring the health of party members. High tech stats also allow more complex doors and crates to be decrypted, and ensure that the Mako's shields recharge faster.

Note: (S) = Starting, (U) = Unlockable

Powers Edit

Mass Effect Galaxy Edit

NOTE: (S) = Starting, (U) = Unlockable

Mass Effect 2 Edit

For Mass Effect 2, tech abilities have been overhauled and, in some cases, either removed entirely or compacted into a single ability; this helps to alleviate potential problems relating to far fewer synthetic enemies in comparison to Mass Effect. It is also no longer required to increase a particular tech ability in order to hack game-world objects (all players have innate electronic interfacing capabilities via their omni-tool).

Note: (S) = Starting, (U) = Unlockable, (L) = Loyalty Achieved, (AT) = Advanced Training

Mass Effect 3 Edit

Note: (S) = Starting, (AT) = Advanced Training, (MP) = Multiplayer

Mass Effect: Infiltrator Edit

NOTE: (S) = Starting, (U) = Unlockable

See also Edit

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