A local sniper on Voeld has asked for help tracking down a hidden wraith. Scan the ice to reveal the cloaked enemy.

Acquisition Edit

When driving the Nomad near the sentry point outside Techiix, you receive a hail from an unknown source, requesting you to scan for a cloaked wraith at a location not far away.

Walkthrough Edit

Scan for the wraith Edit

Use the proximity indicator to locate the cloaked wraith. Once you've scanned it, the sniper will kill it with one shot. At the Pathfinder's request, the "mystery sniper" will reveal himself and allow you to approach him at the nearby sentry point.

Find the sniper Edit

Go and have a conversation with Orev to complete the task.

If you ask him about joining the Resistance, you can convince him if Jaal is in the squad.


270 XP.


The name "White Death" is an allusion to the Finnish sniper Simo Häyhä, who was nicknamed White Death by Soviet soldiers. Häyhä amassed a body count of over 500 during the course of the Winter War.

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