You've discovered a surveillance device in a kett camp that monitors the activity of Prodromos' colonists. Prodromos won't be safe unless these devices are destroyed.


After Prodromos has been established on Eos and the radiation has cleared, it is possible to explore the area west of Prodromos. In one of the kett camps, Ryder will find a Kett Surveillance Device. Destruction of an initial device (shooting it) will trigger SAM to notify Ryder of the nature of the device. However, SAM needs more information before he can pinpoint the source.


Kett surveillance device.

Walkthrough Edit

Find and destroy kett surveillance devices Edit

The devices are randomly scattered among the kett camps, and are found on the ground. If a camp doesn't have the device the first time Ryder investigates it, there might be a device the next time Ryder goes there. So you have to visit camps repeatedly until the required number of devices has been found and destroyed.

While exploring camps, SAM will notify Ryder of a surveillance device when Ryder is within close proximity of one. Once one is found, they need a few shots to be detonated. Ryder needs to destroy four devices in total before SAM can put together a navpoint to the device's processing plant and mark it on the map.

Follow the navpointEdit

Once the navpoint is reached, the kett need to be cleared before access to the console on the top of the building will be available. SAM will suggest the data be scrambled so it cannot leave Eos. To do this, activate the console.

Eliminate the kettEdit

The kett send three waves of reinforcements. Hold them off until SAM is done, then clear the site of any remaining kett.

Destroy the consoleEdit

Once it is destroyed, the task will auto-complete.


  • 270 XP

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