A sage in Mithrava told you that upheaval in the jungles of Havarl often unearths Remnant devices that would otherwise remain buried. Studying these devices could reveal more information about Remnant technology.


Speak with Sage Fleera in Mithrava.


Collect unearthed Remnant devices on Havarl Edit

The Remnant devices were pushed out of the ground by overgrown roots. The are no map-markers for them. They will always be on a root cluster and easy to identify by the blue/white sparking aura they give off. Only eight need to be collected to finish the task, but there are several more that can be found even after the mission is complete.

Unearthed remnant device

Unearthed Remnant Device

You will find enough devices by following the edges of the map. Each device will give you 15 Remnant Research Data.


270 xp, 29 AVP, 2% Havarl viability.

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