Sanjiv Clement has been labeled a traitor, but his friend is sure he was taken against his will by exiles and asked for proof to help clear Sanjiv's name.


Speak to Sellers on the Nexus (in Operations, same room as Tann).


Find out what happened to Clement on KadaraEdit

You'll find his remains in the Slums on Kadara. The message on a datapad on the ground says he was taken against his will by Delaney Roos.

Sanjiv Clement: Last Words
Delaney Roos, the exile, took me from Nexus against my will. When I wouldn't cooperate, she and her friends beat me and left me here to die. I have no way to contact anyone. I hope my mates on Nexus make it. Damn the exiles.

Sanjiv Clement

Scanning the corpse reveals the cause of death. SAM relays the information to Director Tann on the Nexus. At least Clement's name can be cleared.

This mission can also be acquired if you happen to stumble across Clement's body before talking to Sellers. You can then return to the Nexus to inform Sellers of the bad news.


An email is received from Sellers after the task is completed.

In your debt...
To: Ryder
From: Sellers

I wanted to send my appreciation for clearing my dear friend Sanjiv's name. I hate to imagine the ordeal he was subjected to by the exiles who took him, but it does my heart good to know that he will be remembered as a faithful member of this incredible endeavor, and not a traitor.

Perhaps now, I can finally put the Nexus revolts behind me and start looking to the future.



530 XP.

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