Moshae Sjefa urges you to speak with the few remaining angara on Aya who remember how the kett conquered their people. The Moshae believes these elders' insights can aid the Initiative's struggle against the kett.

Acquisition Edit

After the completion of Hunting the Archon, there is an email from Moshae Sjefa. Acknowledge the email to start the mission.

To: Ryder
From: Moshae Sjefa

Translated from Shelesh:

If you intend to fight the kett, you should understand that enemy as we do. There are still a few of us who remember what it was like when the kett first came—and how our lives changed once we discovered their true intentions. Learn what our elders have to teach you. I've told them you're coming, and given you the means of finding them on Aya.

With respect,

Moshae Sjefa

Walkthrough Edit

Go to to Aya and speak to Anaret, Daanesk, and Vuhlren. They were all children when the kett arrived.

Speak To Daanesk On Aya Edit

Head to the Marketplace to speak to Daanesk. Daanesk teels you about how the kett just after they have arrived used a false signal to lure his shuttle into a trap. The shuttle's captain sensed something was wrong, and turned back instead.

Speak To Anaret On Aya Edit

Head to the Memorial Gardens to speak to Anaret. Anaret tells you about how the kett first pretended to be friends, then showed their true nature and created fear in the angaran making them hesitate. That's when the kett struck.

Speak To Vuhlren On Aya Edit

Down the staircase and to the right from the Resistance Headquarters door is where Vuhlren is located. Vuhlren tells how the kett lured them by pretending to give the angarans what they wished. Then the council dissapeared, and the town fell into chaos.

Rewards Edit

  • +270 XP